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Drone Operator

I am based in Hamburg but I go wherever my projects take me.

As I studied English and Business I focused as much on

management&marketing as I did on literature&rhetorics.

For me, it's all about balance, that's why I always wanted to know:

what is a good story?


how do I tell it?

I grew up in the middle of Germany but I began to travel at a very early stage of my life. I was hooked by talking to people about what truly excites them.

Where does their energy come from? What makes them feel alive?


Throughout all my journeys, I always had those crazy ideas how to capture a unique moment and how I wanted to film beautiful locations.

I wanted to share a look through my eyes.


I wanted to 

make people feel.

If my passion for cinematic storytelling has taught me anything, it is that great stories are everywhere. You just need to ask the right questions

and you need to be willing to go further than others.

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